8 top Kitchen trends for 2017

Top Kitchen Trends for 2017 from the Hannaway Hilltown team.

Design and kitchen style evolves every year. With the new year our kitchen designers come back fresh from all the festive celebrations with lots of ideas to spruce up their designs. Their inspiration comes from looking at international kitchen trends, new products and styles in the home market and of course personal preference too!

We asked each of our team members to list their top 2 predictions for 2017. Enjoy!

2017 Kitchen Trend Predictions from Shane Hannaway

1. Uncluttered worktops & functional storage

Detailed kitchen design is about considering how the family will use the space. Design is more than deciding between Shaker, Gloss or Painted; much, much more! Thoughtful and experienced design is about creating a beautiful space that serves the family needs.

Clutter free kitchen
Clutter free kitchen
Clutter free kitchen

Hear from our Managing Director:

At first glance, saying Uncluttered worktops & functional storage probably doesn’t seem like the most stylish answer to this question of kitchen trends 2017. However, a stylish kitchen must be free from clutter.

To create a clutter free kitchen means taking time to consider storage. Simple additions such as installing electric points in the pantry, internal drawers and bi-fold high wall cabinets all assist with clutter free living.

2. Lighting & Technology

Regardless of design preference, be it modern or traditional, integrated technology in Northern Ireland kitchens is growing in demand. The landscape for kitchen technology is becoming smarter every day. Shane Hannaway, our Managing Director predicts the following in the technology kitchen trends for 2017:

In Northern Ireland our appetite for assisted technology in the home is growing in popularity. Advancements in broadband and bluetooth technology are finally catching up with demand.

In 2017 I expect to see our client demand for smart appliances like Smarter iKettle, Quooker instant hot tap, pop up sockets and integrated entertainment systems increase.

Personally, I look forward to designing more kitchens with bespoke lighting. This personalised touch to a kitchen adds volumes of mood and character to the space.

Kitchen lighting and technology
Kitchen lighting and technology

2017 Kitchen Trend Predictions from Patricia Hannaway

3. Mixing Metals in Kitchen Design

Kitchen accessories in 2017 will see the blending of warm metals and metallic continue to be popular. Mixed accessories in brushed metals of gold, brass, nickel and copper will be on trend. This trend will lend itself to tapware too. A bold and sleek sink mixer will add interest to the kitchen and be the key focal point.

Patricia comments:

The use of warm metals in a kitchen design will continue to grow in demand. The popularity of this material is down to the vintage, ruggid feel it can subtly add to even a modern kitchen. In our experience, it is these kitchen accessories and finishing touches that really bring out the character of the kitchen.

Warm metal kitchen accessories
Warm metal kitchen accessories
Warm metal kitchen accessories

4. Quartz Countertop

Quartz will still be the favoured choice of worktop for the busy home in 2017. Quartz worktops are known for their durability, solidness and amazing colours. It is highly resistant to scratches and can be immune to a careless slip of the knife. You do not need to worry if you spill some wine, coffee or oil because the nonporous surface will not absorb the liquids and you will be able to clean it right away. This provides a real advantage compared to other types of surfaces that need be sealed regularly.

Kitchen Quartz Worktops
Kitchen Quartz Worktops
Kitchen Quartz Worktops

Patricia explains:

In my own kitchen I would always choose Quartz over granite, marble and concrete. With four children at home I need a worktop that is hard wearing and easy to clean. As Quartz is a non-porous surface it is more hygienic and resists staining much better than other surfaces. This makes cleaning much easier and less stressful when inevitable spills happen in the busy family kitchen.

2017 Kitchen Trend Predictions from Eugene, Designer at Hannaway Hilltown

5. Modern Painted Cabinets

There is an increased demand for painted kitchens in Northern Ireland and we predict that this trend is set to rise dramatically in 2017. Hannaway Hilltown have a painted collection colour palette of 32 timeless colours. All kitchens are painted to order in a choice of solid timer door styles.

Eugene explains as follows:

Our painted kitchen collections have the ability to work across all types of kitchen designs, classic, contemporary and even handless. Colours trending this year have taken their cue from nature with muted blues, natural environmental inspired greens and buff neutrals. These colours work particularly well where the kitchen-diner/family room leads directly onto the garden adding to the spaciousness and feeling re-connection with nature, bringing the outside world back in.

Modern Painted Kitchens
Modern Painted Kitchen
Modern Painted Kitchen

6. Bespoke Kitchen Islands

The perfect kitchen island of 2017 will most likely be a larger square or rectangle and all one height rather than split height. The demand for kitchen islands is prevalent because of home designs of today. Clients designing a kitchen want an island that serves as home base for multiple kitchen activities: food preparation, cooking, homework, clean-up, casual meals, beverages and socialising. Single height islands are especially popular because they lend to a more open space and provide the look and functionality in demand for todays’ home owner.
This is how Eugene thinks about the bespoke kitchen island:

Customers are more informed and are demanding more from their space in terms of improved functionality and accessibility. People want more than just a beautiful cabinet, they want more intentional design with their kitchen. That is why I predict more bespoke kitchen islands which push the boundaries of design in 2017.

Bespoke kitchen island design
Bespoke kitchen island design
Bespoke kitchen island design

2017 Kitchen Trend Predictions from Hannaway Hilltown Designer Niall

7. Industrial Kitchens

According to our young designer Niall, Industrial style kitchen designs are to grow in popularity in 2017. Especially in urban Northern Ireland. The industrial style kitchen is one that uses bold colour choices and rustic materials such as copper and exposed brick.

Industrial kitchen by BioGraphy at Hannaway Hilltown Northern Ireland

Niall is looking forward to designing industrial style kitchens this year and has this to say:

Keeping “on trend” for me means always keeping in touch with the international kitchen design scene”. Industrial style kitchens are inspired by Scandinavian design. Perhaps I can persuade my nearest and dearest to take a trip North with me this year… Research of course!

8. New trending colour: Green

Green is a new trending kitchen colour for 2017
2017 Kitchen Trends, the colour green
2017 Kitchen Trends, the colour green

Greys and neutrals will remain popular in 2017. Hannaway Hilltown predict a new colour on the scene to challenge the kitchen design market; the colour green – in all of its shades and tones.

There are many ways of introducing the colour green in a kitchen. Tiles, feature units, lighting, accessories, or the trendsetter client will opt for a hand painted deep green kitchen.

We hope you enjoyed reading our kitchen style predictions for 2017.
Watch our blog for updates on new styles as they happen in 2017!

Let us know if you have any kitchen style predictions of your own…

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