The Perfect Cutlery Drawer Design

The Perfect Kitchen Cutlery Drawer Design

Probably the most used drawer in any kitchen and more often than not; it is a mess!

Most clients who design a new kitchen look forward to the new look, layout and design of the kitchen as much as solving kitchen storage problems. The most messy drawer of the kitchen often looks like the following real life example below:

Before and after, the perfect cutlery design

Problems highlighted here are; how do you fit in all your big utensils, safely store knives and create a high-quality design finish?

Thankfully, the designers at Hannaway Hilltown have the answer.

Based on the needs of this client, the design team have created a hand made cutlery drawer to include a large section for big utensils, a space for wine openers and a hidden section for sharp knives:

Cutlery Drawer Bespoke Design


This client has a young family and wanted their cutlery drawer to be designed so that their young children couldn’t access knives easily. Design finish was very important to this client so it was important their storage and cupboard interiors reflect the high-quality finish of their kitchen.

Shane Hannaway, Managing Director at Hannaway Hilltown commented on further design options;

“At Hannaway Hilltown we hand craft our kitchens which gives ultimate flexibility for our clients. When it comes to cutlery storage, other design options we could create include internal drawers, slim trays so cutlery items are easily sorted and found, wooden knife holders for added safety and spice holders.

What we can create is only limited by our client and designer imagination.”

Cutlery Drawer Design, before and after


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