Where to spend & where to save?

Kitchen design, where to spend and where to save

When a client, or a friend over dinner asks us – where should we spend and where should we save in our kitchen design? Our first response is,

“what is important to you in your kitchen design?”.

Based on some of the responses we have had recently we have created five common categories:

Invest in a state of the art oven and design your storage and electric points so that food preparation is easy.

Clients have commented to us that their new kitchen design makes cooking and cleaning up much easier. This is because we understand how the space should work.

Families with young children often ask for a kitchen/living space in which children can be supervised while food preparation and cooking is taking place.

To facilitate this open plan spaces, an island and dual height seating is often the solution.

A new kitchen will add 6% to the value of your home, according to the financial website of the year ‘This is MONEY’.

For a £250,000 home that means an extra £15,000. It is sensible to allocate a proportional amount to your new kitchen before selling your home.

For the client who is stylish and at the forefront of emerging trends they will be driven by creating a space that reflects their personality and forward thinking.

Lighting and uncluttered spaces is synonymous with style. Lighting can be very flexible for task orientated solutions and creating different moods.

Modern solutions such as pull out larders, interior drawers, bi-fold drawers and all manner of bespoke storage solutions are possible.

Accessible storage is all about making the most of every inch of storage space available. Not only this, but converting this space into easy to use and easy to access storage.

These solutions are important for families with a small kitchen and to facilitate uncluttered work spaces.

Whatever your creative flair or driving forces,

each decision you make in your kitchen design journey can be executed in two ways. An expensive way or a more budget conscious way.

For example, one client of ours recently considered radiators costing £2000 but then chose plain radiators at £200 and put the £1800 remaining into their lighting.

Every day we guide clients on these budget choices and every day we create unique solutions based on what is important to the client.

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