The Perfect Kitchen Cutlery Drawer Design

The Perfect Cutlery Drawer Design

Probably the most used drawer in any kitchen and more often than not; it is a mess! Most clients who design a new kitchen look forward to the new look, layout and design of the kitchen as much as solving kitchen storage problems. The most messy drawer of the kitchen often looks like the following real […]

Hand drawn kitchen design at Hannaway Hilltown

Bespoke Kitchen Design

At Hannaway Hilltown we believe that kitchen design is an art. That is why our design process is as creative and as skilled today as it was back in 1970 when we first started. That is hand drawing – starting with a pencil and piece of paper. The client sits down with one of our […]

Shaker Kitchens explained by Hannaway Hilltown

Shaker Kitchen Video

The timeless characteristics of the Shaker kitchen are a simple design, classic with clean lines. The best known feature of the shaker style kitchen is the shaker door, recognised by its frame and inset panel. Learn more about the three Shaker Kitchen styles available by watching the video below:

1909 Shaker Kitchen from Hannaway Hilltown Northern Ireland
Shaker kitchens

Shaker Style Kitchen from 1909

Hannaway Hilltown are proud to be a licensed distributor of 1909 bespoke kitchens in Northern Ireland. We love beautifully bespoke kitchens, that is what we do for all our clients. A popular choice at the moment is a shaker kitchen, so below we have featured a 1909 shaker kitchen. Three words can describe this kitchen; simple, […]